Almost all round-the-world flight routes go through Australia and New Zealand, which is one reason a lot of career breakers go there. They both have great working holiday visa schemes, and are generally awesome.

Australia and New Zealand facts for the career breaker:

  • The Australia working holiday visa lets you do temporary paid jobs for up to a year (if you do seasonal work in 'regional Australia' you can get a second working visa for another 12 months). You must be under 30.
  • If you can't get a working holiday visa, there are other temporary work permits available, particularly if you have a skill that's in high demand (eg nursing).
  • In New Zealand, working holiday visas are available for 12 or 23 months. They allow you to work in a temporary job for up to a year. If you are over 30, there are other ways of getting employment (temporary or permanent) in New Zealand. 
  • Although temporary work is plentiful, competition is fierce so if you've got some experience under your belt, you'll find it easier.
  • You can get starter packages which include things like job boards, phonecards,a couple of nights' accommodation, visa help - and social events, so you can meet others in the same boat. They make it a lot easier and quicker to settle into your new life.
  • Adventure sports are really popular here - you can learn to dive, sail or surf - or do a bungee jump!
  • Because Australia and New Zealand are so popular with gappers and career breakers, it is easy to travel around, find hostels and make friends. 
  • Both are relatively safe countries, and the people are known for their friendliness.