Africa is one of the top places for career breakers to volunteer and travel. A fascinating continent, it offers voluntary opportunities in almost every field and a huge diversity of landscapes and cultures.

Africa facts for career breakers:

  • Africa is the world's poorest continent, and your career break will really make a difference to people's lives.
  • Having said that, don't believe everything you see on TV! There are affluent areas too, and developed regions with bustling cities. 
  • Working with refugees, AIDS education, and teaching children are all opportunities for volunteering with people. Conservation projects include working on game reserves with animals like elephants and lions, or marine conservation. Some volunteer placements require skilled people, such as lawyers for human rights organisations, and medics for rural clinics.
  • You'll be working and travelling in a very different environment and with a very different culture. A well-supported volunteer placement means you will learn a great deal from the local staff and you can take your new skills home to your day job.
  • Many career breakers who travel to Africa choose to go on a safari or travel with an adventure company. As well as being safer than travelling alone, these give you a good opportunity to meet fellow backpackers and learn from your guide.
  • Some volunteer placements include training (eg scuba diving, photography, conservation management) but if you want more formal learning, game ranger courses are available.