Central and South America

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Central and South America is popular amongst gappers and career breakers wanting to travel, volunteer or teach English.

Central and South America facts for the career breaker:

  • There's a wide range of volunteering projects in this region - from teaching and community work, to conservation (both marine conservation and rainforest).
  • Teaching English is also a viable option - as paid work or as a volunteer.
  • Many volunteer projects will also offer Spanish lessons, or you can go to a language school.
  • Make sure you get advice from the FCO before you go, to inform you about crime, political situations, visa changes, hurricanes and earthquakes (the region is prone to all of these).
  • Many places in Central and South America are relatively poor. If you're not going there on a volunteer project, at least make sure you travel responsibly, both with respect to the environment and the people.
  • Travelling around the region is exciting and can be done safely in a small group tour (especially as you have a guide who knows where to go and what to do).

Career break organisations with opportunities in Central and South America

Travellers Worldwide logo

Travellers Worldwide

A variety of flexible volunteer placements abroad, including teaching, sports, conservation, work internships and language and culture courses.
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WorldTeach logo


WorldTeach is a volunteer-sending organisation which focuses on teaching and education.
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Kaya Responsible Travel logo

Kaya Responsible Travel

Sustainable, ethical volunteer placements in 27 countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa - courses in languages, diving and other activities available, plus special placements for couples and families.
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Global Volunteer Network

Global Volunteer Network

Responsible, ethical and budget-friendly volunteer opportunities worldwide - a wide range of projects and roles is available.
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i-to-i TEFL

i-to-i are a leading online TEFL course provider that are internationally recognised and accredited worldwide.
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Projects Abroad logo

Projects Abroad

A wide range of volunteering placements in 27 countries in the developing world, including teaching, orphanage work, conservation and medical programmes.
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Social Starters

Long and short-term volunteer projects for professionals, focusing on social entrepreneurship.
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Cross Cultural Solutions logo

Cross-Cultural Solutions

Short-term volunteering programmes in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America - options for families available.
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Oyster Worldwide logo

Oyster Worldwide

Voluntary or paid work from 2 weeks to a year, including volunteering with animals, teaching English, medical placements, sports coaching, jobs in Canadian ski resorts and farm work in Australia.
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Raleigh International logo

Raleigh International

Expeditions and volunteer placements in Borneo, Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Nepal or Tanzania with a wide range of roles for volunteer managers.
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TEFL Org UK logo


Get your internationally-recognised TEFL qualification from this fully accredited provider of TEFL courses - free job placement service included.
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Globalteer logo


Responsible and sustainable volunteer placements around the world.
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