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Three-quarters of your staff are thinking about taking a career break.

You'll increase your staff retention rate by offering sabbaticals, and bring long-term financial benefits to your company. Also, with a well-formed career break policy, you'll be able to attract talented staff when recruiting.

We can help you minimise the risks, and help your staff organise a productive and fulfilling career break.

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The talks and consultations are delivered by the UK's leading career break expert, who has a 100% satisfaction record for previous sessions.

Contact us on info@thecareerbreaksite.com or on 0161 4488846 for more information, or read on for more.



Do you have reservations about career breaks? You might feel you can't lose the staff. You might be concerned about the image your company projects. Or you might simply fear that if you let your staff go, they won't come back!

We understand exactly what concerns you might have and can help you shape a career break policy that brings benefits to your company.

The consultation is an hour long, and is usually done over the phone. You also receive a tailored pack which includes an action plan, contact details for relevant organisations, and your draft career break policy. A telephone consultation is £100; a face-to-face one depends on travel time and expenses (we're based in Manchester). If you're not satisfied, we will refund your money in full. Call us on 0161 4488846 or email info@thecareerbreaksite.com for more information, or to book.



You can have the UK's leading career break expert come to your company to deliver an exciting, inspiring and informative talk. Each talk can be tailored to your needs, and those of your staff, but it usually comprises:

  • The basics of career breaks
  • An overview of all the career break options
  • How to make the most out of your career break
  • Planning your career break
  • Coming back
  • Handouts for all staff

We encourage your staff to make responsible decisions, to be flexible, and to help the company help them. The presentation shows how the break can bring benefits to both employers and employees.

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer, who gives the talks, is a trained and experienced presenter, and has featured as the UK's career break expert in over 100 publications and programmes. Her sessions are inspirational, interactive and informative, and 100% of attendees have rated them 'good' or 'excellent'. She was also voted 'most useful entrepreneur' at a recent women's business event.

We offer a money-back guarantee on our career break talks.


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We don't give out advice to HR departments or professionals over the phone, unless you have booked a consultation.