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Free stuff

Exclusive: Free guide to housesitting from the experts at HouseSit Match. Save up to £35,000 on housesitting costs while you travel. 51 pages, with legal guidelines and tons of tips.

Tripit - a free travel organising app

Free pocket guides to various cities around the world for you to print off and take with you. From Hostelworld.

Free currency converter app - the good thing about this is that it stores data so it'll work even when your internet doesn't.

Free travel audiobooks - travel writing as well as guides.

100gb of free storage so you can save important documents and special photos while you travel

Free travel kit consultation from Nomad, who sell travel gear and accessories, and know what they're talking about

Special offers

Exclusive: HouseSit Match will give you 10% off your membership package when you use code CAREERBREAK-10. You can get a free housesitter while you're away, and get free accommodation while you travel.

$200 early-bird discount off a TEFL course in Thailand