Studying a language abroad will give you a significant professional advantage - it could even land you a new job!

Some reasons to study a language on your career break:

  • Another language gives you the edge over other job-seekers
  • It proves to employers that you're still capable of learning new things
  • It will help you develop your general communication skills, social skills and improve your confidence

Some things to know about language study abroad programmes:

  • They generally involve learning about a country's culture as well as its language
  • You can stay with a host family, so you're speaking the language all the time, and getting under the skin of a place
  • Many language study programmes offer other activities as well, from cookery classes to dance lessons
  • Language courses are often included (or offered as an extra) witih a volunteering placement or English teaching role. It's to help you communicat with the locals.
  • You can use your language course as a starting point for the rest of your career break (working or volunteering abroad, or simply travelling)
  • Remember that some languages are spoken in more than one country. For example, if you want to learn Spanish, you could go to South America.