Study a language guide

Studying a language abroad will give you a significant professional advantage - it could even land you a new job!

Some reasons to study a language on your career break:

  • Another language gives you the edge over other job-seekers
  • It proves to employers that you're still capable of learning new things
  • It will help you develop your general communication skills, social skills and improve your confidence

Some things to know about language study abroad programmes:

  • They generally involve learning about a country's culture as well as its language
  • You can stay with a host family, so you're speaking the language all the time, and getting under the skin of a place
  • Many language study programmes offer other activities as well, from cookery classes to dance lessons
  • Language courses are often included (or offered as an extra) witih a volunteering placement or English teaching role. It's to help you communicat with the locals.
  • You can use your language course as a starting point for the rest of your career break (working or volunteering abroad, or simply travelling)
  • Remember that some languages are spoken in more than one country. For example, if you want to learn Spanish, you could go to South America.

Organisations offering language courses

Projects Abroad logo

Projects Abroad

A wide range of volunteering placements in 27 countries in the developing world, including teaching, orphanage work, conservation and medical programmes.
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Kaya Responsible Travel logo

Kaya Responsible Travel

Sustainable, ethical volunteer placements in 27 countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa - courses in languages, diving and other activities available, plus special placements for couples and families.
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Travellers Worldwide logo

Travellers Worldwide

A variety of flexible volunteer placements abroad, including teaching, sports, conservation, work internships and language and culture courses.
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Oyster Worldwide logo

Oyster Worldwide

Voluntary or paid work from 2 weeks to a year, including volunteering with animals, teaching English, medical placements, sports coaching, jobs in Canadian ski resorts and farm work in Australia.
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Cross Cultural Solutions logo

Cross-Cultural Solutions

Short-term volunteering programmes in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America - options for families available.
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Bunac logo


Paid work support programmes in New Zealand, Canada and Australia, paid summer camp work in the USA and volunteer placements in Asia, Africa and the Americas.
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Sunrise International Volunteer Program logo

Sunrise International Volunteer Program

Volunteer in a variety of placements throughout China - excursions, Mandarin lessons and cultural experiences also available.
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