Oyster Worldwide

Oyster Worldwide specialises in gap year, career break and responsible travel. They offer paid work abroad, internships, volunteering options, TEFL courses and travel in some of the worlds most incredible locations.


Live and work in communities alongside people with and without learning disabilities. L’Arche communities are vibrant places of welcome where people are transformed by the experience of community, relationship, disability and difference.There are 12 communities in the UK ranging from London to the Brecon Beacons, by the sea in West Sussex to the Highlands of Scotland. Wherever you choose, whoever you are, in return for the gifts you'll bring, you will discover a simple and honest joy in the relationships you build with others.
  • Voluntary Worker Offers a unique reference point on all the advice you need to find all types of voluntary work. Here at Voluntary Worker we give you all the information and advice you need to find any type of Voluntary Work all over the world, at any age!
  • www.braendam.org.uk Volunteering with parents and children.
  • www.btcv.org.uk British Trust of Conservation Volunteers