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Poaching is one of the biggest conservation challenges in South Africa and a huge threat to rhino. One of the most effective counter-measures is to provide constant tracking and monitoring of rhino, as the presence of patrols deters poachers. As this requires significant resources, most reserve owners cannot finance this level of protection - which makes it a perfect area for volunteers to be involved and make a real difference.

When you join the Mutogomeli Rhino Rangeland Protection project, you will be part of a dedicated team of rangers and conservationists working to provide a safe territory for rhino, elephants and other species.

You will conduct twice daily tracking patrols, using telemetry equipment to locate each rhino in the reserve and spending time observing their behaviour and habits, so that the team can provide even more effective protection.

You'll also be involved with a habituation programme for the buffalo and elephant in the reserve, and a camera trap census of the predators - leopard and hyena sightings have become very frequent.

Depending on the needs of the reserve, you will also help with reserve management tasks, such as erosion control, waterhole maintenance, fence patrols or taking supplementary feed to feeding stations.

You will make a very real contribution to rhino protection - while enjoying incredible sightings and the opportunity to get to know the rhino and elephants in the reserve on a very individual level.

Start dates
Year round
Limpopo Province, South Africa
2 to 12 weeks
From £2,650
What's included?
pre-departure support, in-country support, orientation, accommodation, all meals, transfers, in-country transport.
return flights from London to Johannesburg