The Career Break Site Approval logo

Any company with this logo has been approved by The Career Break Site.

We vet all our advertisers, partners and associates, and will not promote any person, company or organisation that we would not use ourselves.

We have the strictest vetting procedure in the gap year and career break industry.

An organisation does not have to pay us to be approved (although many do through our advertising packages) - the scheme is open to anyone. The vetting process is different for different organisations and we use a number of investigative techniques to assess organisations. Some of the things we look for include easily-accessible contact details (we don't approve anyone without a physical address) and financial solvency. We also make sure we talk to people in the organisation as well as their customers. We also talk to previous employees. Anonymity is always offered.

If you would like to apply to our approval scheme, please email Please tell us if you're applying as an individual or organisation, and provide your contact details. Depending on the type of organisation you represent, you may be required to pay a fee to cover our costs, although a fee isn't always mandatory (many of our partners have been approved at no cost to them).

All approvals are given in good faith and made to the best of our knowledge. We can't be held liable if one of the organisations carrying this logo does something illegal or unethical, or if you suffer any loss or damage by using one of the organisations.

If you believe an organisation is using this logo without permission, or if you think a company should not be carrying this logo, please email and let us know. We investigate all reports thoroughly and we never reveal your details or any information that could identify you.