21 March 2013
  1. Thou shalt plan thy career break wisely
  2. Thou shalt get thy sabbatical agreement in writing and not phone The Career Break Site whenst thou gets back and finds thyself in a pickle
  3. Thou shalt not do something just because thou feels thou ought to
  4. Remember to take a rest now and then (whether thou choose to keep the sabbath holy is up to you)
  5. But thou shalt not use thy career break as an excuse for lolling about for 6 months
  6. Honour thy host country and its people
  7. Thou shalt not pack loads of stuff and end up posting half of it home
  8. Thou shalt not spend ages worrying about stuff that will never happen
  9. Thou shalt get adequate insurance and all necessary vaccinations
  10. Thou shalt have an awesome time.