26 February 2013

When you're packing up to take a career break, one important step is to collect all the money that is owed to you.

This is mostly in the form of cancelled insurance, tax rebates, etc. It can add up to hundreds of pounds so it's worth claiming it!

To help you, here is a handy list of people and things who may owe you money. We suggest printing (or saving) this, highlighting the ones that are relevant to you, then you can tick it off as you go. And make sure you check the money actually goes into your bank account!

  1. Refund of deposit (if you rent your home). Take photos of your place before you leave so you can prove you haven't smashed it up. 
  2. Cancelled home contents insurance - again, more applicable to renters than owners (assuming if you own your home, you'll rent it out and need to insure your furniture and stuff).
  3. Cancelled car insurance.
  4. Road tax rebate - get the form here.
  5. Cancelled mobile phone insurance - if you're not taking your phone with you and it's a pay as you go, or the contract is expiring.
  6. TV licence refund - telly licence refund info is here.
  7. Council tax rebate - do online or over the phone. This page will help you find your council's website.
  8. Income tax rebate - you have to apply for this at the end of the financial year, in April, which for many career breakers, means doing it after they've left, or returned home. Information and forms can be found here.
  9. Cancelled phone, broadband and/or telly package - you may not get anything back if you pay monthly and/or have a contract.
  10. Money someone owes you - if you've lent money to a mate, make sure you get it back before you go away!