10 October 2012

If you're taking a career break, you probably have a lot of stuff to pack up. Whether you're putting it into storage or leaving it in a sympathetic friend's garage, it's a big job! Here are 10 tips to make it a bit easier.

  1. Get lots of parcel tape and put it in a box with screwdrivers, allen keys, scissors, old newspaper, resealable bags, strong bin liners, labels and marker pens. Label the box 'In use - do not seal'. Put a spare roll of toilet paper in there too, plus tea, mugs, milk and sugar. 
  2. Get help from a variety of friends. You'll need muscle to shift the big stuff, and someone with OCD to dust your books before boxing them up.
  3. Use those bag for life type carriers for charity shop stuff. Label them 'charity shop' so they don't get mixed up with your stuff.
  4. If you use bin liners for packing, make sure you label these and your rubbish bags clearly BEFORE you start. Otherwise someone will take a bag of rubbish to the storage place and throw out your bag of winter clothes!
  5. Use wine boxes for books and other heavy things - they are small but you won't be able to lift a bigger one.
  6. When taking furniture apart, put all the screws in one of your resealable bags and fix it to a piece of the furniture with packing tape.
  7. All the packaging in the world won't save books, photos, old love letters, clothes or electrical stuff from getting damp. Make sure you have a dry place to store these things.
  8. Label things in detail. You think you'll remember what 'Simon's box of cool stuff' means in 6 months' time. Trust us, you won't. 
  9. Leave plenty of time. It always takes longer than you think it will.
  10. Feed and water your helpers. People will go home if they get hungry. 


Do you have any tips for packing up a house? Leave them in the comments below!