9 August 2018

There are so many things you could do on a career break, it's hard to narrow them down. But we're not afraid of a challenge, so that's exactly what we've done!

This is not a complete list, this is just to give you an idea what you - yes, you reading this post in your pants on the sofa - and you, eating Quavers at your desk in your grey cube farm - this is what you really and truly could do on your career break.

  1. Hug a pygmy hippo
  2. Teach a kid how to read
  3. Teach a kid English
  4. Teach a kid loads of swear words
  5. Surf
  6. Eat a delicious meal
  7. Eat a delicious meal and be too afraid to ask exactly what's in it
  8. Eat a delicious meal and say you're going to make it at home despite knowing full well you won't be able to get any of the ingredients
  9. Mend a fence
  10. Dig a well
  11. Paint a school
  12. Paint your nails
  13. Join in with some daredevil activity like jumping over a skipping rope that is on fire
  14. Make a total pig's ear of it
  15. Have said cock-up filmed and posted on social media
  16. Learn to dive
  17. Learn to sail
  18. Learn to swim
  19. Learn how to look good in a wetsuit (very rare, this one)
  20. Bottle-feed an orphaned monkey
  21. Get fat
  22. Get fit
  23. Get a tan
  24. Get laid
  25. Go to bed late
  26. Wake up early
  27. Wake up early because you're excited about the day ahead
  28. Wake up early because there's a very loud cockerel outside your window
  29. Threaten to strangle said cockerel
  30. Pay off police and cockerel owner
  31. Play with a bunch of kids
  32. Ride a bus
  33. Ride a horse
  34. Ride a motorbike
  35. Ride a pedal bike
  36. Ride into the sunset
  37. Stroke a llama (OMG, so soft!)
  38. Play cards
  39. Play guitar
  40. Play the fool
  41. Play the field
  42. Post pictures on social media
  43. Lie in a hammock
  44. Lie on a beach
  45. Lie
  46. Visit a museum that has no-one else in it
  47. Use your GCSE French again
  48. Use your GCSE Spanish again
  49. Use your GCSE English again
  50. Learn to ski
  51. Learn to snowboard
  52. Learn how it feels when you turn out to be actually good at something
  53. Go barefoot
  54. Row a boat
  55. Sail a boat
  56. Jump off a boat
  57. Barf over the side of a boat (hey, it's all part of the experience)
  58. Photograph ancient monuments
  59. Share your business skills
  60. Share your marketing skills
  61. Share your snacks (very important, this)
  62. Show off
  63. Be modest
  64. Stare at something in amazement
  65. Get too hot
  66. Get too cold
  67. Climb a mountain
  68. Pick fruit
  69. Serve drinks
  70. Make beds
  71. Get paid
  72. Take a dance class
  73. Take a cookery class
  74. Take a language class
  75. Have class
  76. Start a blog
  77. Lead a team
  78. Be part of a team
  79. Go solo
  80. Visit a city
  81. Visit the country
  82. Visit the suburbs (then wonder why you bothered)
  83. Talk about football
  84. Send a postcard like it's olden times
  85. Phone your mum
  86. Do some research
  87. Plan
  88. Be spontaneous
  89. Clean a clinic
  90. Clean a toilet
  91. Clean your teeth
  92. Share a joke with someone who doesn't speak the same language
  93. Teach IT skills
  94. Coach a sport
  95. Use suncream
  96. Haggle
  97. Get a bargain
  98. Get overcharged
  99. Buy something cool then wonder how you're going to get it home
  100. Give a bath to an elephant
  101. Be awesome

If that's got you excited, have a look at all our career breaks here. This time next year, it could be you travelling the world!