28 January 2020

I am one of those annoying travelers who looks at and for everything. In fact, I am several numbers on this list of worst traveler companions! I don't think it's annoying, but I've been told it is and annoyance is in the eye of the beholder, so I bow to the inevitable and accept, but do not change, that part of myself.

I saw this cool Lego alien graffito on a New York City street.
I saw this cool Lego alien graffito on a New York City street.

However lazy I might be in my everyday life, when I am traveling, I want to do as much as I can and see everything there is to see. A field of bluebells is not one thing to me. It's this flower and that flower and this patch of flowers and that patch of flowers and do you see how they cluster around this rock? I take hundreds of pictures a day when I travel. When I took over the social media posts for The Career Break Site when I was in Singapore, I took over 2000 pictures on that trip and it was just 3 days.

Singapore’s lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum
Singapore’s lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum

Singapore brings me to the point of this post. I was thrilled to learn that ArtScience Museum was running a Disney exhibit. I love everything Disney, so I had to go. "Disney: Magic of Animation" is a chronological walk-through of the art and science that makes Disney animation so special, from Steamboat Willie to Moana

As I walked through, I saw some animation on the wall leading into the Alice in Wonderland section.  Here is what I saw:

Four images stitched together of the Cheshire Cat disappearing into his grin
Four consecutive shots of the Cheshire Cat gradually disappearing 

When I'd finished taking my pictures, a security guard stopped me. I was a little shaken, because I was worried I'd broken a rule, but he was all smiles. He told me I was the first person who had noticed the animation and he thanked me for my attention and my appreciation. I'm sure I was as bright pink as Cheshie (as my niece calls him), because I'm not very good with unexpected compliments, but he made my day.

I may have to continue apologizing for taking too much time and looking at too much, but I'd rather apologize than miss something special. FOMO is real in me! If it is in you, too, keep looking for the details. The beauty is there.

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George Gensler is the new MD (USA) for the Career Break Site. She loves to travel and look for the details of every little thing. She is definitely number 36 on the list of worst travel companions.

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