17 August 2017


The best career break and gap year websites (apart from this one)

We know you love The Career Break Site, and we love having you here! But we recognise that we can't be all things to all people, and to that end, we have rounded up some of our favourite career break and gap year websites. If we've missed one, please tweet us or email us and let us know!

Year Out Group

The original industry standard organisation, with a focus on making things better for you, the gapper, as well as the partner gap year organisations, with a particular focus on safety. Most of our partners are members of the Year Out Group as well as being part of our Approved scheme.


American Gap Association

The American version of the Year Out Group, this is an organisation dedicated to improving gap years through setting standards and accrediting organisations.


Career Break People

Career break people is run by Ronnie Cloke Brown, who is very knowledgeable about her subject (we know this cos we phoned her up!). She offers a more hands-on service than we do, with bespoke advice and coaching referrals to help you get the most out of your career break - and avoid telling your boss to shove it!


Katie Milton Coaching

Katie is a career breaker and coach, so well equipped to advise you on your life, work and travel! She's American and coaches women, and she knows her stuff (again, we know her personally). You can sign up to her free newsletter on her site.


30 Something Gap Year

Londoners Jamie and Mike's beautiful gap year blog which documents their travels as grown-up gappers. Heavy on the stunning pictures, it's truly inspirational for other 30-somethings who might be thinking of doing the same thing.


Make Your Break Away

Kirk Horsted is a career break evangelist and dad. His blog is packed with both personal stories and a wide range of advice on sabbaticals. He's taken 4 career breaks so far!


Pete Martin (Wander 2 Wonder)

You might have read Pete's guest blogs on this site. He is an amazing man, and living proof that you can take a career break, no matter what obstacles life chucks in your way. We've had the pleasure of meeting Pete in person and he's more passionate about travel than almost anyone we've met! You can order his books from his site, or sign up for a coaching session.



Don't forget, we've also got our directory of vetted and approved gap year and career break organisations - the ones who can organise your amazing career break experience!