20 December 2017


Welcome to our super happy fun round-up of the year - packed full of the best stuff a career breaker could want or need, and condensed into a single handy newsletter just for you.

It's not just a regurgitation of everything we've written this year, like an email version of a Channel 5 filler show! We've combed over everything we've done, seen and shared this year to put in here, and added a few new things too!

So grab yourself a mince pie, pour yourself a mulled wine, turn that bloody Christmas music off, and have a read!



TaLK stands for "Teach and Learn Korea". It's an amazing programme funded by the South Korean government, which recruits TEFL teachers from English-speaking countries and offers them paid work teaching English throughout South Korea.

You'll receive return airfares, accommodation, a wage and various bonuses and allowances. You also get involved in cultural activities so you can learn more about this fantastic country, and make the most of your placement.

You can choose to spend 6 or 12 months there, working for 15 hours a week (plus preparation time). If you want to speak to someone about it, you can contact the team by phone on 0207 227 5500 (ext. 639) or email educentre@mofa.go.kr.

Click here to for more information and to apply now. Applications for next year are closing soon, so be quick!



If you're a new subscriber, or you just don't pay very much attention, you might not know that we REBUILT THE ENTIRE SITE!

It's now much easier to find the career breaks you're looking for, and we've added new sections like internships and something different. We also tidied up the career break guides and added loads of subsections to the volunteer pages. The destinations section is now a lot easier to use and there's a load more of improvements and we're adding new stuff all the time. If you don't know where to start, go to our homepage: www.thecareerbreaksite.com.



Top 100 free travel books on Kindle (if you don't have a Kindle you can get the app so you can still get some free books!)

How to get a job guide - useful if you plan to hunt for a new job after your career break

Funding Freedom: From Corporate Life to a Life of Travel is a guide based on 2 people's own experience

How to travel like a pro is a free guide you can get when you sign up to Nomadasaurus' newsletter

Lifestyle mastery ebook from Business Backpacker



Filo is an airport app that covers pretty much everything you need in an airport (apart from stylish chairs)

TrekTank is an app to help backpackers plan their itinerary (iOS only)

Umbrella is a free travel safety app which was designed for travel to high-risk areas but can be used by anyone (Android only)

FlyTime helps you work out the total travel time for your trip (iOS only)

FairFX have an app that helps you manage your money properly, at home (so you can save for your trip) and abroad

Sidekix helps you find walking routes around major cities



Did you know? With the launch of the new site, we're now doing more frequent updates to our listings (well, our partners are). So every time you click the link below, you should find something new and interesting!

Find all our new and updated career breaks here



By far our most popular blog post this year was this interview with Tony Restell that you need to read if you're looking for a job. Tony is THE man for job-hunting on social media, and he gave us some amazing insights and really useful advice for job-seekers.

Second most popular post was our round-up of 10 more of our favourite travel blogs. We love reading other people's blogs, and we thought you would too. And you did!

And at number 3, we have 10 incredibly useful savings plans, which round up 3 infographics that we made to help you save money. You can choose a savings plan according to your own personal style, how much you want to save, and of course, how much you earn!

You can read all our blog posts on here - there's literally hundreds of them, so you're bound to find something that you need right now!

And remember to get in touch if you want to be featured next year.



We were featured in a fair few things this year, including radio and national newspapers - thanks journalisty people for writing about us and interviewing us!

We also FINALLY got our arses onto Pinterest - have a look at our page and share some of your favourite pins with us!



We normally feature very serious and sensible pictures here, from National Geographic's award-winners to environmental and photojournalism awards. But at the end of the year, we like to give you: The 2017 finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Enjoy!



Our most useful tip is the perennially useful one of signing up for updates from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. You'll get an update if there's a disaster, terrorism, civil unrest or even a change to the visa rules.

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This lady who messaged us through our Facebook page was the inspiration behind changing this section from "Question of the month" to "Message of the month". She said:

"I am about to take some time out from work on a career break of my own. I've always had busy and demanding jobs and have been feeling increasingly like I'm not getting the work life balance that I want, and that there must be a different ways of making a living! I love travel and feel there are so many places I haven't seen yet so I expect to do some trips. Love reading your articles and getting inspiration from your posts! Thanks!"

We're looking forward to an update from her soon!


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This actually proved to be the most controversial section of the newsletter this year, as it was the only section we got a COMPLAINT about! Far be it from us to say we had a "best" joke this year, so here's a new one for you:

"I'm not happy with this and I'd like to exchange it please."

"This is a bank, and that is your bank statement."


Think you can do better? Tell us your best joke!



Whether you're one of our newer subscribers (there were a bloody lot of you this year) or one of our old regulars, we are delighted that you're along for the ride! Thanks for reading and, as always, llet us know if you've got something to share.


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