28 February 2018


Oooh cripes, isn't it cold today? Unless you're reading this somewhere tropical, or you're tough / had the foresight to put your big coat on, and aren't really feeling it.

Whether you're loving the so-called Arctic Blast or wishing you were somewhere a lot less wet and cold, we are here for you today with a smashing round-up of career break goodness. (Does anyone still say smashing?!).

There's new stuff on the site, old stuff on the site, pictures, video, tips, competitions, free stuff, your questions answered, and our always (ie occasionally) popular joke.

So crank the heating up, fetch your cup of hot beverage of your choice, and have a read!



Starting your adventure Down Under is super-easy with help from work abroad specialists BUNAC! Established in 1962, their team of travel experts are on hand to make sure your new life abroad is fully taken care of. 

The comprehensive Work Australia and Work New Zealand programmes have heaps of inclusions, meaning BUNAC will support you every step of the way. They’ll sort out your Working Holiday Visa and help you set up a bank account, as well as help securing long-term accommodation and that all-important job. The fun stuff? Once Down Under you will benefit from three nights' hostel accommodation, an arrival orientation, organised social activates and with the Ultimate packages, a jam-packed seven-day activity week in Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland!

Sound amazing? That's because it is!

Find out more about Work Australia

Find out more about Work New Zealand



Ultra micro SD card on offer for £27.99, saving £13. Spare memory cards are a must when travelling!

Win one of 3 travel prizes in this competition that, sadly for all you hard-working professionals out there, is for students only.

Win a trip to Kenya by sharing a picture of your favourite travel moment. With a hashtag, obvs!

Win a travel writing scholarship to Argentina - ends today so hurry!

Free app that provides audio guides to various attractions around the world.

Travel Europe on a budget - free ebook that we hope is self-explanatory.

Free translator app - ipad and iphone only. Android users will just have to stick to pointing and/or learning the local language!

Loads of discount vouchers to attractions in the UK, USA and Europe - the site will make your eyes bleed but the discounts are good!



Our massive (and massively popular) career break directory isn't exactly new, but we updated it and chucked out a lot of the less relevant stuff. We also reorganised it a bit to make it fit in with the rest of the site sections and made it so one company can be listed in more than one section. All of which means it should be quicker and easier to find the organisations you're looking for!

Visit the career break directory here.



We're still busy updating loads of our old posts, and here are some more refreshed ones for you! It includes some interviews with our partners and these give you a unique insight into the programmes that you can do with them.

Interview with Projects Abroad

Interview with PGL about working abroad

Interview with Heilwig Jones, founder of Kaya Responsible Travel

I don't know what I want to do

How to save money (without it hurting too much!)

How to pack for a long trip without panicking

10 places to go to avoid the royal wedding (this was originally written for the last royal wedding but we understand there's another one coming up, so we updated and republished this!)

We're currently looking for real career breakers to tell their story on our blog. You don't have to have left yet to be featured - we want people in the planning stages too! If you'd like to be famous and featured, drop us an email.



The people's choice finalists for Wildlife Photographer of the Year - so many stunning ones here we can't pick a favourite! Oh, OK, it's the spoonbill.



How the Hell Do I Afford to Travel So Much?? 3 Decades of Travel is an interesting video from vlogger Gabriel Traveler who talks about how he uses YouTube to fund his trips.



If you're going to a place that is known for pickpocketing or mugging, carry a spare wallet. Stick a little bit of money in, some old membership cards you don't use any more (that will look like credit cards to a foreigner in a hurry) and keep it somewhere accessible. Put your proper money and credit cards elsewhere, like a money belt.

If you have a tip for us, email us or tweet us.



This month's question comes from an American man (who gave us his name but didn't say we could share it with you lot, so we didn't!). He says:

"I am 53 years old and at the top of my career in continuous improvement consulting. I need a break. I am in the United States and I am looking for a site like yours, here. I would like to take 3 months and head to South America, teach English and help small businesses. Who in the United States does this?"

There are a few organisations in the US that organise volunteer and paid work abroad, and even a couple who cover everything, a bit like us (hi Jeff!). But what our intrepid questioner may not have realised is that almost all the organisations featured on this site deal with career breakers around the world. Where there are requirements, it tends to be age, English proficiency or eligibility for a visa, rather than nationality. So apply with any of our partners and see how you get on!


If you've got a question, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



I bought the world's worst thesaurus yesterday. Not only is it terrible, it's also terrible.



We have been getting more and more followers on Twitter and Facebook lately, especially Facebook. If you'd like to join them, please do! Our accounts are run by real people (mainly one person who has an inflated sense of how funny she is) and the only thing automated is sometimes the scheduling (believe it or not, we're not at our desks 24/7). So you can ask questions, share your pics, or even just chat about the weather. See you there!


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