8 January 2020


Welcome to our February newsletter, with a guaranteed zero percent chance of rain and 100% chance of being full of useful career break info.

We've got a lovely pile of stuff for you this week, including our first donated sponsored feature, the new theme of the 20/20 Travel Project, some fascinating blog posts and advice on coronavirus.

So grab your favourite hot beverage, slip off your shoes, and have a read.



If you've been thinking about a working holiday in Australia, please don't cancel your plans! They need visitors from the UK more than ever now as they've been affected by the coronavirus as well as the devastating bushfires.

If you have a working holiday visa for Australia and want to extend it for another year, you need to work for 88 days in rural Australia. There are masses of jobs on the arable farms, sheep and cattle stations for anyone who is ready for an adventure. You can SAVE more than $6,000 in the 88 days which is more than enough to have do some great travelling afterwards.

www.australianworkingadventures.com   or contact joanna@visitoz.org

The above is an unpaid feature, donated by The Career Break Site as an effort to help our friends and colleagues in Australia. Visit Oz is vetted and approved by us.




The 20/20 Travel Project has been gathering momentum, mainly on social media. Thank you so much to everyone who is getting involved. Every story you share, every tale you tell and every blog post you send us helps your fellow travellers to have a more fulfilling experience. Which is what the 20/20 Travel Project is all about!

This month is all about communication. We're talking about - well, not just talking! All kinds of communication, whether it's learning a language, how you manage with a language barrier, how you connect with others and even how you communicate online while you travel.

Share your pictures and stories of how you've communicated (or failed to) on your travels. Use the hashtag #2020travel on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or email us on info@thecareerbreaksite.com. We'll reshare as much as we can, and we'll put the highlights on the 20/20 Travel Project page, and in this newsletter.



On our site, we have one big section all about volunteering, and we've got sections dedicated to the different kinds of volunteering you can do, to make it easier to find the kind of placements you're interested in. 

This month, we're focusing on Volunteering in Africa.

Africa has long been a destination for dedicated volunteers - especially on gap years and on career breaks. Conservation volunteering is very important there, and also includes marine conservation (it does have a massive coastline, after all!). Working with kids and in HIV/AIDS projects are also common volunteer opportunities, but there are lots of others as well, including community development, sports, medicine and even entrepreneurship.

Find out more about volunteering in Africa here.



Here is our round-up of travel events coming up in March, in the UK.

BUNAC Summer Camp Fairs - if you missed the IRL ones, don't worry! There's an online hiring one via Skype in March.

Click here for more details and to book (it's free)

Projects Abroad information evenings to find out about volunteering overseas. These are really good because you can ask loads of questions and talk to previous volunteers. There's one in Brighton in March.

Click here for more details and to book (it's free)



Trigger Warning: Airport Trauma Ahead/Making the most of SSSS or Why I always arrive at the airport two hours before an international flight is a post by our new American MD George, who talks about the experience of being "specially selected" for extra security. Yeah, it's about as fun as it sounds.

Don't be afraid to make the most of your annoying travel habits is another post by George, who is searingly honest about her "annoying" travel habits. She shows how these habits can mean she doesn't miss out when she travels. Part of the 20/20 Travel Project.

10 things you must do before you take a big trip is a super-useful post to help you plan your big adventure. Mainly because as well as the stuff you might have thought of, it includes lots of things you won't have as well!

20/20 Vision – Market Forces (The Hidden 'must-see' of every city) is a guest post from the lovely Matthew Lightfoot of The Two Week Traveller. He shares some amazing pictures as well as his tips for visiting foreign markets. Part of the 20/20 Travel Project.


If you've got a blog post you desperately want to share, or you'd like us to interview you, drop us a line! We love talking to you and we love sharing your stories with our readers even more!



A brief one this month. It said simply "Coronovirus?"

When we're not qualified to give advice - as in this case - we direct people to sources of authority. In this case that's the World Health Organization, Foreign and Commonwealth Office if you're in the UK, and the US Department of State in America.

One piece of advice we do offer to career breakers is to do what feels right for you. All of us have a different attitude to risk and different opportunities (meaning that for some people, cancelling a trip is not a big deal but it is for others). One thing you should know though is that if you travel to an area that your government advises against, your travel insurance won't usually cover you.

If you've got a question, feedback or just want to tell us your favourite flavour of crisps, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



If you're buying a new daysack (a small backpack to carry just the things you need for the day), try to get one with a "thief-proof" pocket. This is on the outside of the backpack but faces your body, so it's a lot harder for a pickpocket to get in there.

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Boss: How good are you at Power Point?

Me: I Excel at it

Boss: Was that a Microsoft Office pun?

Me: Word

(via Dad Jokes on Twitter)



We're carrying on making a few more changes behind the scenes here at The Career Break Site - mainly focused on how we can engage with you and our partners more efficiently. If there's anything you'd like to see, or you have any ideas for what we could provide, drop us a line!


Thanks for reading and we'll see you next month!



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