12 December 2011

If you're taking a career break, chances are you'll be away from home over Christmas. So here are some good and bad things about being abroad during the festive season.


Bad: You won't get to enjoy traditions like pulling Christmas crackers or singing at the carol concert.

Good: You also miss the tradition of getting so drunk at the office Christmas party that the next 6 months are a sea of embarrassment.


Bad: No Doctor Who.

Good: No Queen's Speech.


Bad: You miss out on British festive treats like mulled wine and mince pies.

Good: You get to indulge in another nation's seasonal greed-fest, like having 13 desserts (thank you people of Provence).


Bad: You'll get minimal presents - the usual amount will be too heavy to post and several people back home will have 'lost' your address.

Good: No-one will expect you to send Christmas cards. Especially if you're somewhere that doesn't sell them.


Bad: You might be in a country that doesn't celebrate Christmas at all.

Good: You can not only introduce the locals to your Christmas celebrations, you can also enjoy whatever they're currently celebrating. Extra celebrations = extra food for you.


Bad: In the tropics? It somehow doesn't feel Christmassy with blazing sunshine instead of snow.

Good: Gone to a ski resort? It somehow feels extra Christmassy with snow instead of the miserable drizzle we usually get in December.


Bad: You're not with your family.

Good: You're not with your family.


Have you got any more bad and good things about spending Christmas abroad? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!