20 July 2015

Do you want to take a career break but somehow haven't got around to it yet?

Have you looked at this site, browsed some of the projects, maybe even started budgeting for it, but haven't made that big leap yet?

Well maybe this is why:

Because you're afraid.

Not afraid of snakes, scammers, or forgetting your pants.

But afraid of it being a massive success.

That's right, fear of success is actually a thing. You would prefer to be unhappy than to take a risk.

And you're not alone. Most people are so scared of risk that they stay in situations that make them unhappy because they're comfortable there. And comfort is even more important than happiness - to most people, at least.

Are you one of them? Are you sacrificing a chance of happiness for the sake of comfort?

One of the reasons taking a gap year is more common than taking a career break isn't just because of the lack of responsibilities, it's because teenagers are more programmed to take risks than people even just a little bit older. You become more risk-averse as you age, and that can keep you in a comfortable, but unfulfilling place.

It's more than just being afraid of the risk - people who aren't used to happiness can find it weird or artificial. Also, success is more complex than failure which is another reason to fear it.

Success is uncharted territory for many people - and we've spoken to career breakers who've experienced this. They've been criticised by family, questioned by colleagues and experienced the bafflement of friends - people asking them why they are doing this and what's it for. Some of this is motivated by jealousy of course, but that doesn't make the experience easier to bear, and you can end up second-guessing yourself.

But remember - you're only human. It's only natural to want to stay comfortable, to avoid risks and to wonder if you're up to this adventure you want to go on.

You've experienced tough times, difficult times - which means you should be more than capable of coping with good times too! And the results of taking that leap will be extraordinary. You will improve your professional and personal reputation - people will see you as someone courageous, capable and who has initiative. The experience will open new doors for you. It could even lead to a better job and greater earning power!

And on a personal level, you'll become more adept at solving problems, better at facing challenges, and above all, will experience a huge boost to your confidence.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step now but don't let it be the last! Search for a career break here.