15 March 2012

Some jobs, such as marketing jobs, may be exciting to read about and apply for but that doesn’t prevent people suffering from job interview anxiety. There are, however, simple measures you can take that will reduce the anxiety to a manageable level and ensure you present your best side.

Image of job interview from Guardian Jobs

Preparation is Key

The hunt for finding the right job is competitive. Be thoroughly prepared by researching as many details about the company as you can. Gain a broad perspective and knowledge of their customer base, competitors, mission, product ranges and other key aspects. Research well and develop a good feel for the business, key employees and the interviewer. Read blogs, articles company newsletters and publications, press releases and reviews. Feel like their employee long before the interview.

Knowing Where You Are Going

This principle is not just about the company and interview locations. Familiarise yourself with the route and arrive early. Equally important is to know where you are going in terms of your own dreams and goals. If you write down your goals you will already be streets ahead of those who didn’t.

Ensure Adequate Sleep

Most people will be restless the night before an interview so get good sleep two nights before. It will leave your respiratory and digestive systems more relaxed. Add to this a light but nourishing meal and a morning interview and you should be as bright as a button.

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

If you do this long enough in advance it will help generate higher levels of self-awareness and self-esteem which will communicate in the interview. Practice talking to yourself and others about your strengths, how you will apply them to the job and benefit your prospective employers. Knowing your weaknesses and how to address them will present you as a well-rounded, aware person.

Dress for Success and Listen

Dress conservatively and in a way that makes you feel good. Check the company dress code beforehand and match or go slightly better. Have all of your well-considered questions written down in your notepad. Listen carefully to the interviewer and take notes. This is a great way to forget your anxiety. Breathe deeply into your tummy as this relaxes your diaphragm and gives you more control over your energy and voice. 

These preparations will reduce your anxiety and leave you clear to be your best.


This was a guest post by Susanna Cha, writing on behalf of Guardian Jobs. Guardian Jobs features graduate jobs, marketing jobs and more.