28 March 2018


Welcome to our March newsletter, devoid of Easter eggs because we ate them all. (That's not a joke. We got 3 packets of mini creme eggs and scoffed the lot and now we're not allowed any more chocolate until Sunday.)

Instead though, we've got stacks of cool things for you this month, and possibly more stuff contributed by you, the people, than ever before! Fab career breaks of course, plus free stuff, competitions, advice, blogs, and inspirational photos and videos. Plus, possibly our first ever non-anonymous message of the month AND, if that wasn't enough, the useful thing section is back!

So put down the Easter eggs (or you know, just chuck them our way), grab yourself a brew, and have a read!



Fancy working in Australia on your career break - and getting paid? Oyster Worldwide have an amazing programme to help you get settled when you arrive in Sydney, with accommodation, orientation and great social activities, including a including a trip to the Blue Mountains and an awesome surf camp weekend. They'll sort all the necessary paperwork for you, and help you find a job. Stay in Australia for up to one year and receive job-finding support from Oyster's fab team the whole time you are there!

Click here for all the details, and to apply!



Print your own passport photos for 25p - link goes to instructions and guidelines. Note - this guide is only for British passports, whatever colour they are.

Free condoms from Cozy Condoms - travel safely, kids!

Save money on international calls with the Wowapp which promises to share money with good causes. We haven't verified this so use with caution!

Spring clearance event at True Latitude - up to half price off some cool travel gear.

Free shower gel - scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your details.

Free travel discount card if you're unemployed - if you're looking for a job, you can get a free railcard to help offset the cost of going to interview. Link goes to a government page with details of all the free or discounted travel stuff they offer.

Win a trip to St Lucia - you have to guess where the place in the picture is in the "Where are you?" competitions, which run every month.

Win a trip to Florida with the Ideal Home Show - if you don't fancy it, you can have £5,000 cash instead!

Tax relief on your uniform (buying or cleaning it) if you wear one for work, and there's a flat rate you can apply for if you've lost your dry cleaning receipt.

Free pizza when you download Pizza Express's app (no, this has nothing to do with careers or travel but - free pizza!)




Do you know what, it's been nearly a year since our relaunch and we've still not covered all the new sections on the site! But that's OK, we love to have new stuff to share with you and it's good that it's not going to run out any time soon!

This month, we'd like to highlight our TEFL section. We pulled all the different bits of TEFL stuff on our site into one handy page, with the TEFL jobs and courses all together, and with a much bigger and clearer explanation of what TEFL is and how to go about getting into it. TL:DR - TEFL's a great way to get decent paid work abroad, especially if you're too old for a working holiday visa.

Click here to look at our TEFL section!




Only one shiny new post on the blog this month, but it's a good one! We were honoured to have financial technology big cheese Cecilia Harvey guest post for us. She wrote an article on How to sustain strong professional networks while you're on a career break and it's a vital read for any career breaker serious about their career.

And in posts that we've updated recently:

School football tournament in Sri Lanka is a unique insight into a single event in a volunteer's stay. We won't spoil it by telling you who won!

How to avoid the latest travel scam - this post was written in 2011 but we checked and unfortunately, it's still going. Please share this post so that your friends and family don't fall for it (it's bloody convincing, it nearly got us!).

Words and phrases that are banned at The Career Break Site shares with you some of the silly or misleading phrases that people in our industry use. Let us know if you can think of any more!

Earn as you travel - all you need to know about yacht crew jobs is hopefully self-explanatory. Crewing is a fab way to work around the world, and this post was written by industry experts Flying Fish.

7 career break rules you can break is poor example of headline writing (the word "break" twice?!) but a great piece on understanding which bits of advice to pay attention to, and which to ignore.


We're currently looking for real career breakers, travellers, industry experts and bloggers to share their stories on our blog. If you want to be famous and featured, drop us an email.




The Sony World Photography Awards have announced the winners for this year - you can look at them all here or you can go to the exhibition in London if you like!



A man who goes to the coolest AirBNBs around the world - and stays in them for free!

And for those of you who are fans of the time-lapse video, here is one of a trip round the world - it includes the inevitable jangly music but the shots are inspiring!



If you're going abroad, it makes sense to use an online/mobile only bank. But which are awesome and which suck? Our friend Sarah Pennells (known on the interweb as Savvy Woman) has done all the hard work for you and rounded up 6, with relevant ratings. Read her article about online and mobile banks here.

If you have a tip for us, email us or tweet us.



We brought back this section to share this useful message from Jaz Moi who joined in a conversation on our Facebook page (the one about mobile phones, not the alpaca/llama debate). She says:

Basically a Duel Sim phone allows you to have 2 sim card slots. Usually you can find an Asian Phone Manufacturer who'd create such a phone. These phones are usually not region / carrier locked so you can just swap the usage of the sim card accordingly. As long as you're not too brand conscious, on a budget, these phones usually do what they do. Example : Sim1 can hold your home country's sim card which number you'd want to retain. Sim2 can hold on any temporary prepaid sim card on arrival you got at any visiting country you're visiting / transiting. So as you go, you swap out the other sim card accordingly. Also some of these phones have an additional memory slot also built in, you can just install on some additional memory card storage unto it (ask the phone seller what's the minimum / maximum storage allowed) so that it doesn't effect the phone performance. This way, you can store additional files or images accordingly, without comprising the phone's built in storage too much.

Thanks so much Jaz for sharing this handy tip and giving us permission to put it in the newsletter!



Normally we keep our correspondents' identities secret, as they usually want to keep their plans quiet until the time is right to announce them to the world. But not this month! A chap called Ben Reeve messaged us through Facebook to tell us about his site and also to offer some kind feedback on The Career Break Site. He says:

Love the site, in fact I've recommended it from mine! I'm taking my first ever career break this year and your site has been the source of a lot of the tools I've used to plan it. You are the authority on career breaks!"

Ben has his own also very excellent site where he'll be posting updates about his own career break, along with some useful tips and resources. Thanks for getting in touch Ben and we'll be featuring you again soon!



If you've got a question, feedback or just want to share your flapjack recipe, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



Stephen Hawking: "My friend has been trying to call me for weeks, but all he's been getting is an automated answer."

(RIP to the inspirational and brilliant man)



We have been getting more and more followers on Twitter and Facebook lately, especially Facebook. And lots of you are joining in the conversations, caption competitions and debates we have! If you haven't joined us yet, pop in and give us a yell. We'd love to hear from you!


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