19 June 2018

If you're planning a career break, sabbatical, gap year or just some long-term travel, you will find that you need to do some research! But it doesn't have to cost a lot, or even anything! Here is our round-up of the internet's top free ebooks and guides for all your career break needs. Enjoy!

General travel books

Top 100 free travel books on Kindle (if you don't have a Kindle you can get the app so you can still get some free books!)

Seven travel secrets ebooks from Tripbase. Each download triggers a donation to a water charity.

8 solo tips for having the best trip ever from Lavi Was Here

How to travel like a pro is a free guide you can get when you sign up to Nomadasaurus' newsletter

Free travel planning ebook from MapTrotting - really useful guide if you've never taken a big trip before. Or even if you have, there's always something new to learn!

Saving and planning for travel by Creative Travel Guide

How to save money by booking your travel online by the Amateur Traveler

101 travel tips that will save you money and make travel easier

8 ways to save money on your travel from CTI

Career break, digital nomad and long-term travel books

Funding Freedom: From Corporate Life to a Life of Travel is a guide based on 2 people's own experience

Free ebook on how to travel long-term on a budget - just sign up to their newsletter using the box on the right of the page.

Free guide to getting sponsors for your travel - if you want to get paid to travel the world!

12 steps to full-time travel by Aussie Hannah Finch

Free guides to creating a life of travel when you sign up to Survive Travel's newsletter

Step-by-step guides to volunteering in various countries around the world

So, you wanna be a traveller tells you how to leave your job to travel

Destination specific

Travel Europe on a budget from World of Travel Photography

Free Australia travel guides - one for the whole country and ones for different regions and cities

Your guide to living in Australia - aimed at expats but suitable for those on a working holiday visa too

New Zealand travel guide from Stray Travel

Cheap places in South America and budget travel tips

Free ebooks on the most popular countries to visit in South America plus a guide to tours

South America highlights from a digital nomad couple

Overlanding Mexico and Central America on Kindle or pdf

Free guides to the most popular regions across Africa from Safari 365

Misadventures in SouthEast Asia from Somewhere or Bust

44 things you must know before travelling to China by Travel China Cheaper

Japan Travel by uber career breaker Pete Martin

When you come back

Free ebook on how to find a job from Bubble Jobs

A range of guides on job-hunting - American but useful for all

Free guide on how to prepare for an interview from Ask a Manager

101 tips to help you find a job you love when you sign up to their network

How to find your vital vocation on Kindle

40 free tips on changing career from our old friends (and career change experts) Position Ignition


10 years 100 photos - fab for a bit of inspiration! By Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere

Around the world with 40 Lonely Planet travel bloggers - subscribe to the newsletter (on the right of the page) to get this

Meaningful travel tips: African American perspectives - they say it is suitable for all black travellers

The absolute best blogging tips for travellers

Pinterest for travel bloggers by Faraway Lucy


We'll keep this list updated when we find more cool free ebooks and guides for career breakers and long-term travellers. If you've got one you'd like us to add to the list, just email info@thecareerbreaksite.com or tell us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!