24 February 2011

Planning a career break? It could be the most life-changing experience you've ever had! To make sure you get the most out of it, follow these top ten tips from our career break experts.

1. Start planning your career break as early as you can. The more effort you put in now, the more you'll enjoy it when you're on it.

2. Make sure you're doing something that you really want to do – try not to be persuaded by what other people think you should do. You might have to compromise here and there, but your main activity should be something that you're going to get a lot out of.

3. Spend your career break constructively. No-one's going to be impressed if you laze about on a beach for 6 months, and you won't feel a sense of achievement at the end.

4. Budget carefully and spend your money wisely. That doesn't just mean skimping on everything – it also means spending more on quality products that aren't going to fall apart!

5. Take your health seriously. Get vaccinations if you need them, and spend some time talking to your travel health nurse – they're a mine of information.

6. Stay safe. There's no need to be paranoid, but equally, there's no need to go charging off down dark alleyways waving your money about.

7. Be friendly, especially if you're travelling alone. Not only will you make new friends and learn new things, but it'll help keep you safe.

8. Keep an open mind. Try and learn something about the place you're in – that's what you're there for, after all!

9. Be considerate to the culture of the place you're in, and the sensitivities of the local people. Responsible travellers get a friendlier welcome.

10. Enjoy it! This could be one of the best experiences of your life, so make the most of it!


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