25 March 2014

We were asked by chocophilenyc on Twitter to write a blog post on how to cope with being tired while travelling.

We canvassed Twitter, Facebook and our own office for tips from fellow travellers on how they combat fatigue on the road. This is what they said:

  • Jane (our Head of Web Development) says you should try and walk when you can - either around the plane or train, or get out of the car or coach when it stops. She also recommends drinking lots (but not alcohol).
  • Our MD (who recently had a baby and knows a lot about being tired) also says drinking lots of water really helps with fatigue. "If all else fails, a big cup of coffee and a bag of Haribo can get you through until bedtime."
  • Both grantbton and mstarr232 recommend staying put for a few days instead of running around all the time. The money you save on not travelling, they point out, can be used for a nicer hotel and better food.
  • Bemused Backpack agrees. He says to "make sure you have 'free time' in your travel schedule, so you can rest without impacting your plans."
  • "Get some fresh air and take short power naps" recommends traveltoolbox.
  • One of our Facebook friends says "being outside really helps with jetlag, as it helps you reset to local time straight away."
  • Another Facebooker tells us to make sure you can sleep when you have the opportunity. "Earplugs are good, but noise-cancelling headphones are even better."
  • And your friendly neighbourhood blog writer adds "I get tired when I try to cram too much in. I know you always want to see everything, but it's OK just to lie down once in a while and skip something."

What are your tips for battling fatigue while travelling? Tell us in the comments!