13 November 2011
Who to have sex with on your career break

If you like having sex, we've got some good news for you. There are loads and loads of people you can have sex with on your career break.

In fact, if only one in a million people find you attractive, that is still 7,500 people who will fancy you. Which should be more than enough for anybody.

But there are some people you shouldn't have sex with. And not just the obvious ones. We want you to stay safe as well as satisfied on your career break, so if there's even a whisper of a chance of you getting some action, please read this. You can even take notes if you want, there's nothing sexier than notes.


People you shouldn't have sex with

1. People who are under the age of consent.

This varies from country to country - and be aware that it can vary within a country too - the United States for example.

  • Ages of consent vary from 12 to 21
  • They can be different for men and women
  • They can be different for gay and straight people
  • Sometimes there is no fixed age of consent, for example, it's legally defined as 'puberty'

It's your responsibility to ensure your prospective partner is legally of age, no matter where you are.

If you have sex with someone who's under-age, you can be prosecuted for in your home country, even if it happened abroad. That is definitely the case in the UK and in many other countries as well. You can also be prosecuted in the country where you committed the crime, and believe me, the one place you want to avoid is the inside of a foreign jail cell.

2. Someone you are not married to

This only applies in a small number of countries, such as Kuwait, where all sex outside marriage is illegal.

It is also the case in some countries, like Laos, where it's illegal for a foreigner to have sex with a local, unless they are married. In the case of Laos, it's an effort to avoid the prostitution problems like they have in neighbouring Thailand.

3. Someone you have paid

There aren't many things The Career Break Site takes a firm stance on, but prostitution is one of them.

We're not going to get into the moral side of it in this blog post, but know that it is illegal in most of the world, even in countries where it is common. You may end up having to pay a hefty bribe to avoid arrest if you have sex with a prostitute. It also exploits the vulnerable and traps people in difficult situations.

If you're that desperate for sex, for goodness sake, just work on being a decent human being.

4. Someone of the same sex

Homosexuality is still illegal in 73 countries. Around half of these outlaw homosexuality for both men and women, and in the rest, the law refers only to gay men. Punishments can be extremely harsh, and include the death penalty in a few places.

Even in some countries or regions where it's legal, attitudes towards gay people have remained stuck in the dark ages, and some places can be quite dangerous for travelling gays. It's up to you how you choose to deal with it but the plethora of gay travel blogs out there will be able to give you advice.


People you should have sex with

1. A fan of contraception

You're too old to be given the "safe sex" lecture, but we thought you might like to know that things like AIDS and hepatitis are a lot more prevalent overseas than they are here. So if you get lucky, don't expect your luck to hold out.

Also, we suspect that if you're gallivanting off around the world, having a baby imminently is not top of your list of things to do (or even in the top ten, after bungee jumping and riding a camel). If you're a woman, an unexpected pregnancy is obviously going to put a ginormous spanner in your works, especially if you're somewhere an abortion is hard to come by (if that's what you choose). And if you're a man, you don't want to be that man.

There's loads of kinds of contraception. It's cheap. It's easy to get. Chuck some in your backpack.

2. A fellow career breaker

Pairing up with a fellow traveller is quite easy and natural on a career break - you're both in the same boat after all. Sometimes literally.

It's often the case that people hook up when they're thrown together. Without the stresses of work and other stuff at home, you might find you're up for a bit of romance - and you'll generally have more free time than you are used to. Also, most people on a career break tend to go solo so you've got plenty of free agents to choose from.

Just remember to ensure sufficient privacy when you get down to it - that means not a hostel dorm room. We really wish we didn't need to say that but some people need to be told.

3. A local

You go all the way around the world and you meet someone who makes your jaw drop.

Sound like a fantasy? This happens to career breakers all the time - some even get married and have beautiful kids! If you hook up with a local you will get a crash course in the local language and culture - and hopefully, some unforgettable romantic moments to boot.

Just remember to go into it with your eyes open and with a clear idea of what you want. Long-term romances can and do last but they are in the minority. Short-term flings aren't necessarily any less fun though!

4. Your partner

Not all career breakers go it alone - some take their partner these days. It's a chance to grow closer as you explore the world together.

As well as the companionship and intimacy, you will avoid unwanted attention - both men and women can get harassed while travelling, for different reasons. Sadly, it's a bit different if you're gay (as mentioned above). Sometimes it'll be fine, but you might find it a bit weird when travelling through less enlightened places.

Gay or straight, you may well find that having the love of your life along for the ride can make it even better!


Have you had a career break romance? We'd love to hear about it (not the intimate details ta). Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, or go old school and drop us an email!