This project is the only one of its kind in Zimbabwe. It not only cares for sick and vulnerable animals, but it aims to educate the community regarding procedures if they come across a wild and potentially dangerous animal, so that the animal can be brought into safety without causing damage to itself or others.

The wildlife sanctuary where you will be based offers a home to abandoned or vulnerable wild animals, including lion, leopards, monkeys, antelope and various birds. The ultimate goal is to return animals to the wild. Where this is not possible, breeding programmes and research allow experts to expand their knowledge and help prevent continuing decline.

You will feed the animals, care for the injured animals and take part in education programmes carried out in the community. You will stay with a host family at a game reserve site. Comfortable huts with TV and lounge area, and even an on-site swimming pool, provide a friendly atmosphere to relax in. During your free time, you can travel around Zimbabwe, with the support and advice of local coordinators.

This is a great opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals towards the sustainable development of under-privileged communities. 

Start dates
Bulawayo in Zimbabwe
From 2 to 12 weeks
From £1,130 for 2 weeks
What's included?
pre-departure support, in-country support, orientation, accommodation, most meals, transfers, in-country transport.
Optional extras
Excursion planning, various additional activities