Stuck for ideas for what to do on your career break? Here are some ideas.

Firstly, think about what effect you want your career break to have on your career. Do you want to develop your teamwork ability, or leadership skills? Here are some career break ideas which will have a positive professional impact:

  • Do volunteer work in an orphanage - and improve your ability to face challenges head-on
  • Take a language course abroad which includes cultural immersion - develop your communication skills while learning the language
  • Participate in a community development project teaching your professional skill to underprivileged people - as well as getting experience as a trainer, you will also use communication skills and develop your problem-solving ability
  • Lead an expedition into the jungle - you will need both leadership skills and teamwork ability to do this
  • Do paid work abroad temping or seasonal work - your job application and interview skills will improve alongside your ability to be flexible¬†
  • Love animals? Take part in a wildlife conservation project and know you're protecting them for the future while getting up close and personal.
  • Passionate about winter sports? Become a ski or snowboard instructor and work your way around the world.
  • Enjoy learning about other cultures? Take an adventure tour, where you can go off the beaten track and find out what a country is really about.
  • A water-baby? Learn to dive, surf, kitesurf or sail. If you're good, you can become an instructor - or divers can participate in marine conservation.
  • And if you're one of those people whose job is their life? Make the most of your professional skills and experience by teaching it to those less fortunate than yourself.

Once you've sorted out what you want your career break to give you - professionally and personally - you'll be well on the way to making a sensible choice.

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