11 February 2019


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BUNAC have just launched not one but TWO amazing new programmes to help you get a job abroad!

The first is BUNAC’s Work Canada Young Professionals which, as you might have guessed, lets you work and live in Canada - you'll get some vital work experience as well as an amazing experience. You must be 18-30, have a UK passport and a job offer in Canada. BUNAC will help organise your visa and get you settled in, with accommodation, orientation and social events so you can hit the ground running!

Click here for more info on Work Canada Young Professionals

The second brand spanking new offering is their Jobs Before You Go programme for Australia. If you are planning to head there on a working holiday visa, BUNAC can get you a job before you even leave these shores, meaning you're earning money from day one! There's also a ton of other support to help you get settled in, plus ongoing support while you're there.

Click here for more info on the Work Australia programme




We recently added some fab volunteer organisations to the site, who offer full time volunteer placements in the UK. These are usually open to career breakers from overseas as well as Brits, so no matter where you're reading this from, there could be a volunteer role for you!

See all our volunteer in the UK projects here



We used to have this page, then we took it out, and now we've put it back in again! If you're desperate to get away, have a look here for all career breaks soon. There are loads!

Career breaks starting in the next 3 months



We've only got one new post for you this month but oooooh, was it fun to research and write!

Top ten most weird places on earth that you won't believe are real isn't one of those round-ups with a load of places you've heard of before - we really dug deep to find the most obscure places we can't imagine wanting to visit. And our site founder has actually been to two of them!

And in posts that have been updated, this month we have:

How to ask for a sabbatical - and make sure you get one! If you're thinking of asking for a sabbatical from work but are afraid you'll muck it up, read this for how to do it right.

Travelling magical moments - how toilet paper became so important. If you've ever been to any country in the 80% of the world that doesn't use toilet paper, you'll understand.

Experts' top tips on the best clothes you should pack for travel - we suck at packing so we asked some experts for their tips. We added a few of our own, mostly gleaned from mistakes we've made over the years.

Who to have sex with on your career break - updated to be a bit more sensitive and to reflect changes in attitudes and laws around the world (although most can't come soon enough for our liking).

We're always looking for real career breakers, travellers, industry experts and bloggers to share their stories on our blog. If you want to be famous and featured, drop us an email. We accept anonymous submissions too.



As you know, we're writing a career break book, but the other day we realised we haven't got a title yet! But instead of just listening to each other's hideous suggestions ("No, we are NOT calling it the Super sexy person's guide to a super sexy career break - free Jammie Dodger with every purchase") we'd like YOU to choose!

We made a little poll with 6 options, you just click the one you think is best. No registering or anything.

Click this link to vote.



This month is a bit different because we're not answering the question, we want you to! Our enquirer wants to travel to Europe after Brexit but is worried about what will happen if she books flights now and then they're unable to travel because of a no-deal Brexit. Will she get her money back? She says "Have you any insider information about what happens with no deal? I've read that if you pay by credit card you might have a claim but I wonder if there may be something in the small print about Brexit."

Please reply to this email if you know and we'll pass it on! Thanks!

If you've got a question, feedback or just want to debate the merits of chips with mayo instead of chips with ketchup, get in touch! We never reveal your name (unless you want us to!)



Even though you're a proper traveller, not a tourist, visit the tourist office in your destination. You will meet people who know the area better than anyone, they can tailor their advice to your needs, offer you discounts, and can even book things for you, in some places. They will also know about any events that are on, which you won't find on TripAdvisor or in the Lonely Planet.

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What’s the difference between a good joke and a bad joke timing.



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