9 December 2019

By the end of January, 88% of people will have broken their New Year Resolutions.

Instead of making a resolution that’s doomed to failure, why not make plans for a life-changing experience instead?

An estimated 70% of people planning a career break take one. Whether they choose to travel the world, volunteer, do paid work abroad, teach English or learn something new – around 90,000 people a year change their lives forever by taking some time out.

Why 2012?

And 2012 could be the perfect year for taking a career break. Here’s why:

  • The economic situation is predicted to worsen, and jobs are in short supply. In such a competitive market, every job seeker needs something extra on their CV, and a career break shows that you are different, and have initiative.
  • A career break also gives you new skills – often those you can’t get in your day job.
  • With employers looking to save money, asking for a sabbatical will be doing them a favour, as well as yourself!

So many New Year’s Resolutions are about improving yourself, and a career break can achieve that with a much lower risk of failure. Everyone who comes back from a career break has renewed confidence, learnt an incredible amount, and developed new soft skills (like teamwork and communication) that are more important to employers than ever.

If you are thinking of taking a career break instead of making the same old resolutions again, find a career break here.