Aussie farms are remote and need help with all sorts of farming and maintenance jobs. These could include rounding up sheep and cattle, mending fences, picking crops or doing essential work around the farm. You'll need to be ready to help out with whatever needs to be done, and to work outdoors in all weather - no whingeing Poms, please! It's tough, physical work, but at the end of the day you can sit out under the stars sharing beers and stories with your workmates.

The ideal candidate for this type of work is someone who has a full driving licence, has farming work experience (either arable or livestock) or experience in both riding and taking care of horses, is a determined hard worker and physically fit to do farm work. Having said this, a positive attitude, friendly demeanor and being a hard worker count for a lot.

You must be aged 18 – 30 (entering Australia before 31st birthday) for this programme. Oyster guarantees you a job, on a successful completion of the training course, with help finding subsequent work for the duration of your visa (which lasts for 12 months).

Start dates
Year round
Up to a year
You will be set up with an employer for initially up to six months and be paid around £800 monthly. Food and accommodation are included.
What's included?
pre-departure support, in-country support, orientation, accommodation, most meals, visas/paperwork, training, guaranteed job.
Optional extras
Guaranteed job