Projects Abroad Italy

This is a new career break volunteering opportunity, partnering with an international NGO. You will help with logistical support for their ‘first response’ operations.

When a refugee boat arrives, volunteers will help to collect personal information, perform emergency medical screenings and other tasks to make check if the refugees are in need of additional assistance. Medical students would be particularly helpful at this placement. Speaking English or French is very useful, as many of the refugees and migrants are from Africa.

Projects Abroad has also partnered with a local organisation that provides social support for refugees and migrants. Work takes place in various locations around Calabria, where refugees and migrants have been relocated and housed. This social support includes helping deal with legal and human rights matters in Italy and possible family searches in Europe. Refugees and migrants also have to attend special language and culture classes. A large variety of skills and expertise are needed at this placement.

We're looking for volunteers with the following skills:

  • Medicine or nursing students who speak English, French or Arabic
  • Psychologists and therapists who speak English, French or Arabic
  • Psychology students with at least one year of psychology-related studies are more than welcome to join
  • General volunteers (no specific skills required)

If you've wanted to help the refugees travelling across Europe, this is your chance. You can help to ensure their safe passage and make a new start.

Start dates
Year round
Calabria, Italy
From 2 weeks
Starts from £1,396
What's included?
pre-departure support, in-country support, orientation, accommodation, some meals, visas/paperwork, transfers, in-country transport.
travel insurance, medical insurance, transport to and from work