Social Starters project in London - volunteer in social enterprise for entrepreneurs
Social Starters volunteers working with social enterprise start-ups in London
Social Starters volunteer and entrepreneur helping a social enterprise
Group of Social Starters volunteers and social enterprise entrepreneurs

_SocialStarters offer a unique opportunity for you to share your skills with a social purpose organisation to learn about social enterprise in a really tangible way, as well as leaving a lasting impact.

This is flexible, remote business consulting that suits your requirements: whether you have 6 hours a week or can give up to 4 days a week. You are asked to commit at least 10 out of the 12 weeks during the programme period, and visit for a 1 week immersion experience mid-way through the programme.

With autonomy over the structure of the programme and with flexibility on the exact start and end dates, this unique programme gives you the freedom to manage your own volunteer experience. You can choose to visit your client and/or support your client virtually, whether it’s in their location or on another timezone.

You will get to operate like a freelance consultant with the option of working on site, in cool cafes or at a local co-working space. Evenings can be spent at social enterprise networking events or going to free workshops, social impact hackathons and talks. This is a new way to get experience doing something you love!

Not only will you share knowledge and skills but you’ll gain back a lot more. You’ll be working closely with inspiring organisations in interesting locations, so get ready to learn! _SocialStarters will supplement your learning ahead of your programme start date with interesting and informative readings, articles and presentations which lead to your increased knowledge and understanding of global social entrepreneurship, start up methods and consulting.

Places are limited and only open to the right sort of career breaker. If that's you, click here to express your interest.

Start dates
Spring, summer and autumn start dates available
London and Brazil
10 to 12 weeks
What's included?
pre-departure support, in-country support, orientation, training.
mentoring, career coaching
Special offer

£500 off if you apply early (limited spaces available)