There are thousands of volunteer opportunities around the world, so you're guaranteed to find one that suits you.

What you might not know about volunteering abroad:

  • You can volunteer abroad from as little as 1 week to as much as 2 years.
  • You usually have to pay for your volunteer project unless you go for a year or more (you get a huge amount of support for the money, plus you can ensure the project is responsible and sustainable).
  • Although most volunteer projects are in developing countries, you can volunteer in western countries too (like the US or right here in the UK)
  • You usually have to be 18 or over to volunteer abroad and there is no maximum age limit
  • Most projects require no experience but if you want to use your skills and experience, you can do professional volunteering. Professional volunteers come from all industries.
  • Many volunteer projects include some training (eg language lessons, diving course or TEFL).
  • Volunteer projects also often include cultural activities, expeditions and adventure sports.

Whatever volunteer placement you choose, you're pretty much guaranteed to develop in confidence, learn new skills and return home with that warm happy feeling that only comes from knowing you're making the world a better place. You'll also have something fantastic to stick on your CV!

The most important thing about volunteering abroad is to choose something you are passionate about. 

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A Friends for Asia volunteer with a childFriends for Asia is offering a special package for Summer 2014 where you can combine a short volunteering placement with exciting travel and cultural activities. You can make a genuine difference even in a short space of time, plus you will experience the best that Northern Thailand has to offer.

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