This highly regarded centre takes in rescued baby monkeys whose mothers have been shot by farmers. There are also victims of traffic accidents and predators. The centre is the only government-certified centre in South Africa, and one of very few projects where the animals are actually released back into the wild.

You will work alongside staff and other volunteers, feeding the monkeys, cleaning and repairing their enclosures and monitoring their behaviour. Feeding is a crucial role, as the youngest monkeys will need regular bottles. Volunteers can make a real difference by taking on these tasks so that permanent staff can be freed up for more specialised jobs. It’s rewarding work – the monkeys are very affectionate and enjoy clinging on to you as you go about your day! It is also a very friendly and relaxing place to stay, which is why volunteers tend to return year after year.

You will come away with a lot more knowledge about monkeys and their lifestyle, huge affection for the little ones you have reared and some great friendships with other volunteers. You will also have lived off the beaten track in a beautiful part of Africa, close to Kruger Park. And, of course, you will have made a tangible and long-lasting difference to conservation.

Start dates
Year round
South Africa
2 weeks to 3 months
2 weeks £867, extra weeks £240
What's included?
pre-departure support, in-country support, orientation, accommodation, most meals.